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What crystals are best for working with all 7 chakras

7 Chakra sets ๐Ÿ’ž Working with a balanced and healthy chakra system helps to increase physical and emotional health, being able to set healthy boundaries, and improve personal growth. A Chakra Crystal Set allows you to keep your chakra crystals close no matter where you are. Ever since I started meditating and working on different chakra alignments my life has changed drastically ๐Ÿคโœจ

The first Chakra set I ever worked with included these crystals, and it worked perfectly for me. They helped me feel better about myself and helped with alot of unresolved issues in my life. Crystal healing is not a fast process but it is a life changing process. Especially once you know what areas of your life and body you need to work on.

Clear Quartz Tumble - can work with all 7 chakras

Amethyst Tumble - crown chakra

Lapiz Lazuli tumble - third eye chakra

Celestite Tumble - throat chakra

Rose quartz tumble - Heart Chakra

citrine Tumble - solar plexus Chakra

Carnelian tumble Sacral chakra

Red Jasper Tumble - root chakra

One very specific stone that is not usually mentioned in any set or with one specific chakra is super 7 . Super 7 is made of various minerals that work with all 7 chakras at once. It is gentle yet high vibrational, nothing we can't deal with.. Super 7 was one of my first high vibrational crystals and I can honestly say the energy it gives off is amazing and like no other.

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