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About Crystaldeluz

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About Brenda Luz

Since the first time I held a crystal in my hand i was in love! I knew it was something I would be passionate about. I have always dreamt of being able to own a small business, and maybe someday a small shop where people can come in and be surrounded by things they and I love. Crystals and healing stones are very special to me. They have helped me through the toughest times in my life, I hope My crystals will do the same for those in need. I am very supportive of women and deeply connected with the story of medusa, In ancient times the symbol of medusa was used as a symbol for a safe space for women, which is what my shop is about a safe space for women and any human to heal and feel safe. I chose the snake as a symbol of rebirth because thaats what crystals did for me and are to this day still doing for me. It is a symbol of protection and transformation. Shedding the old you and beginning a new cycle as you evolve in your journey. All crystals are intuitively picked and cleansed before being shipped and charged with sound energy ! Each piece is Different just like us. No piece is the same. Sizes may vary because they are intuitively chosen by me each time !  <3 I am very grateful for your visit to my website today ! I cant wait to help start or help with your ongoing spiritual journey I do live sales on my IG: @Crystaldeluz every two weeks where you can see inventory not shown on my page! I would love to see you there sometime ! Every purchase comes with freebie crystals !! 

<3 Thank you for supporting my small business!

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